Strawberry Milkshake Recipe How to Make a Homemade

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe How to Make a Homemade 2021

Below is a short-short story, clipped from the novel manuscript still and occasionally under construction called Grass Mats, the story is of the Wallach family’s translocation from Europe to the wilds of Oklahoma.

The short-short is a vignette of an Oklahoma University college girl’s astonishing tour of the Campus Drug Store. She has a milkshake glass in her hand. Nothing extraordinary except this particular milk-shake glass seems to have a life all its own!

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A Strawberry Milkshake, Please!

She tucked her sparkling Austin-Healey against the curb (as its British manufacturers would have described it) with a faint metallic sound.

Satisfied, and with no thought whatever for the keys she left dangling in the ignition, the girl slid over the door’s low curve, both feet together in trim white tennis shoes into which she had tucked her bobby socks all landing together in a whisper on the earth-red brick road.

Every head, already having witnessed the flamboyant parking job that by now was history, turned to regard the girl herself – white shorts, pastel turquoise halter top, her body magnificently tanned, her skin as bright as the light, eyes wide open to the spectacular Oklahoma early autumn afternoon.

The parking spot she picked was unique. All the other spots that were actual parking places were taken – and where she had chosen to stick her car was no parking place at all: it was a fire department tow-away zone a shabby fire hydrant protected.

Aslant on top of the concrete slab where it stood, it had a swagger to it like a small watch-tower emphasizing the dangers implicit in putting a car where the girl had so insouciantly put hers.

The weathered hydrant appeared all the more shabby and hopelessly futile compared with the stunning finish of the brand-new car, red leather seats making the white convertible all the more wonderful.

“There is red and there is red,” bystanders were thinking while the car gave off the little pings new cars seem obliged to do when they cool.

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Hensley’s Music Album was the building just behind the shabby red bulldog hydrant. Was she shopping for records?

No. Delicately tracing the curve of her car’s front fender with the fingertips of her right hand, she stepped from the level of the road onto the high sidewalk, a storm-drain elevating both walks and the fire-fighter perched on it.

Turning in an easy stride in the direction of the “Campus Corner,” she was obviously after a bigger game than dawdling in Hensley’s and listening to records.

Campus Corner was for local merchants what Park Place and Boardwalk are on a Monopoly board: prime real estate. The wide welcoming windows of the corner’s shops afford a sweeping view of the twin towers a pair that marks the frontier between town and campus.

It is all very stately, shops standing together in the manner of close friends, their façades reminiscent of smiling faces mixing goodwill towards men with the confidence success brings with it, all of this mystified a bit by the proximity of otherworldly goings-on just across the road from the worldly Campus Corner.

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Goodwill towards men, most particularly young affluent ones: fraternity and sorority members most definitely welcome in specialty shops conceived in their image.

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe How to Make a Homemade 2021

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

Coffee, cakes, burgers and fries, greeting cards and mannequins got up next door in penny loafers, plaid skirts, and cashmere sweaters; lonely for the company behind their panoramic windows, they leaned in a static display of interest in the sporty slacks and jackets laid out tastefully all around them – everything in the new fall colors.

The town, without the university population, is a sleepy village, which doubles in size when the students flock in from all over the world – a fact the townspeople loathe and love.

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe How to Make a Homemade 2021

Their stern prairie religion tells them, rich kids, from everywhere but here, foreign professors too, are misfits full of crazy ideas – subversives such as grovel on their bellies to strange gods.

The money, though, that some of these questionable young people shake off, like water freshly bathed dogs spend – it fires the imaginations of the merchants until their greed – pitiless beast, devours them.

The contortions merchants go through to make a sale is notoriously one of the better shows in town. Their village sensibilities want the kids out of their shops – now! Messy, frivolous, they are as hopeless as young animals, thoughtless and destructive.

With their mercenary instincts awakened, the distant sea-roar of profit animates the stodgiest of merchants to new life whose commercial ethic counsels them, good Christians, smilingly to tolerate anything that will end in a sale.

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe
Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

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Of all the places she might have gone the girl with the exotic car bearing out-of-state license plates chose Campus Drugs! Noting this through the catatonic fog that had me, before curiosity moved my feet across the road, firstly to admire the machine she had so recently abandoned, it dawned on me – the thought flashed through me like a jolt of lightning, we are short of aspirin! No scratches either on the bumper, or on the underside of the fender as far as I could see, and there it was!

On its way in the wheel on the driver’s side had flattened a tin can!

Pushing the glass-paned door of Campus Drugs with as much confidence as I could muster, I heard a chesty, vibrant voice say “A strawberry milkshake, please – no malt!”

The mixer slowing after prolonged rotation, the cone-shaped glass In one hand now, with skin as smooth as Michelangelo marble she carried her milkshake as though she were making fun of gravity.

The heavy cone-shaped glass slewed in all directions. It had a life of its own such as would have moved any three-year-old to joy and fountains of laughter.

Immortally slender, curly dark hair cascading down shoulders smooth and strong, everything about her, starting with the car, acknowledged “Yes, I’m lithe, rich, young and beautiful and I know life is quite as wonderful as I am!”

She was moving leisurely along Doc’s isles, head turning from side to side like someone at the net watching a tennis match. She took semi-conscious pulls of the straw in her milkshake as she carefully examined Doc’s merchandise.

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe How to Make a Homemade 2021

Eyes twinkling, her face was luscious skin, peaches-and-cream nourished by illimitable skies of sweet pure prairie air. Her fingernails and matching ruby lips, her interest’s intensity parted them slightly, the promise of a dazzling smile her teeth so bright they would make envy weep, she looked like a movie star, voluptuousness in a rhapsodic tug of war with coltish youth.

Quick clumsy jolts broke the rhythm of her body’s flow of movement quite as naturally as water jetting over rocks, the bounce young animals share in an immemorial joy of mutual admiration.

She fixed Doc with a gaze unimaginably direct. “Can you get me some these slippers lined with mink ‘steady this fake silk?” She was holding bathroom slippers by a string that identified them as a pair. “I saw some jus’ like at Neiman-Marcus th’otha day when daddy took me out shoppin’.

“‘Hey, Shuga’ says he, ‘Go own, git ‘um if ya want too! Hell, I just oahdud m’ self three pair’s Justin boots, so you deserve a Lil’ sup’m t’putcha y’own feet in; such sweet lil’ feet, I swan!’

“Then dumb me, I say, ‘Oh Daddy, I’m so happy with the cute lil’ spoats cah yuh got me th’otha day I could just die! I love mah new Austin-Healey! sooo white an’ so pretty. Thank you, Daddy! I don’ woant a single otha thing, not even sup’m as cute as these lil’ slippahs ah!'”

Doc’s suffering was evident! Eyes glued to the milkshake his mind was far away: nothing audible, yet you knew he was groaning.

Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

Will she pour her strawberry milkshake all over my bath accessories, or not?

His emotive concerns were like a banner in the wind, a Leitmotif in contention with doc’s jaw muscles pumping time in the high-speed calculation: Cannibalize the wife’s mink stole?

Could he think of someone competent enough to sew the pieces in? Glue them? Should he phone Neiman-Marcus?

A primal scream crossed his face and in its wake, a solemn prayer: “Help me, oh God help me, please!” Although his lips moved, no sound came through them.

In a crash like thunder, I returned to consciousness for the first time since having seen her, the young woman’s eyes locked onto mine; in a miracle my sense of helplessness took wing and I felt my body return to me in oblivion’s wake, the awful numbness would have stunned me had I noticed it – I felt myself smile and heard my voice say, although it sounded like a stranger’s “Doc, we’re out of aspirin. I’ll take a bottle of Bayer, please, a bottle of fifty!

That’s all folks! as the saying is when the cartoon ends…

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Strawberry Milkshake Recipe How to Make a Homemade 2021

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